New Girl Band Themed Anime!!!

Not really new at all, it’s just me that came late into this hype train. Not really late, but the idea to make this post just came. I’m sure some of you already watched BanG Dream! Yeah, I’m going to talk about that anime. I already watched this anime since first time airing. At first, this anime looks like K-On, music or band club in the school, but it is not really like that.

I will not talk about the anime plot or story, but I want to talk about the theme. It’s about the all-girl band theme, a theme that I really waiting for because there is already too much idol themed anime or game!

When the first time I heard about it, I set a low expectation, maybe it will become something like 4U from Tokyo 7th Sisters. But after watching their 2nd anime trailer, I was so happy! Finally a girl band themed anime with legit performance and not just an act!

And now, there is more than anime that come from BanG Dream! A week ago, BanG Dream! mobile game is released! The game is just a rhythm game like the others music based game. The most important thing is there is more than one band in the game! There are 5 bands in the game, they are:

  1. Poppin’ Party
  2. Afterglow
  3. Pastel Palettes
  4. Roselia
  5. Hello, Happy World!

I really have high expectation for them, a legit band performance, not only act. And maybe last week, BanG Dream Channel released a clip from their 3rd live, a clip featuring Roselia.


Seriously, I can’t stop watching them. An awesome performance, lovely seiyuu(s), and their beautiful gothic costumes really take my attention.

When BanG Dream satisfy your need of a girl band themed anime just right



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