Figma Printz Eugene Unboxing and Review

This time I will do unboxing and review of Printz Eugene Figma. This figma came some time around 3rd week of February. I can only do the unboxing and review today because I got busy with my works.

Anyway, these are some picture of the package.

In the inside we got:

  1. A standard figma stand,
  2. Two alternate faces,
  3. Four pairs of alternates hand,
  4. One alternate front hair,
  5. An armament,
  6. A gun,
  7. And of course, the figma itself.

For the alternate hands we got a pair of fist, a pair of hand to hold her gun, a pair of standard holding hand, a pair of relaxed open hand, and of course a pair of standard spread open hand (attached to the figma).

For the alternate face we got a shouting expression, a “kinda” surprised expression (I don’t know what to write, the face just looks like that for me) and a smiley expression.

The alternate hair included is used when you want to remove her hat because the default front hair part has an extended part to attach her hat on it.

And here are some of the figma pose.

Overall the quality is amazing as expected, you know, Goodsmile Company quality. But still, there are some minus in here:

  1. The hat left some paint on the default front hair part.
  2. The gun holding hand part can’t hold the gun really well, kinda loose.
  3. The foot joint is really hard to tilt, I need to detach the foot to loosen it.
  4. The armament rotation joint is too stiff, kinda hard to rotate the armament guns
  5. The alternate hand parts kinda loose when attached to the arm. There are no ‘click’ sensation when I try to attach the alternate hands included, the ‘click’ sensation only comes from the default hand part that already attached to the figma.

For the conclusion, this figma is not perfect but not bad either. If you really love Kantai Collection franchise you can consider to buy it. But the quality that comes is not match if we look at its price (¥7,222).

That’s all for the unboxing and review, see you again later.


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