Tokyo 7th Sisters 2nd Live

I want to talk about my favorite part, and my most disappointing part from this live event.

Overall the event is really enjoyable, lots of cute seiyuu and cute costume. The event started with Seventh Sisters as opening act with their latest songs, “SEVENTH HAVEN” & “FALLING DOWN”. It’s been a while since last time I watched Fuchigami Mai in “BLUE FIELD ~Finale~” and Minase Inori in “Gochiusa Rabbit House Tea Party 2016”. Of course, this is my most favorite part! Their latest songs is really good and enjoyable, and to be able to watched them on stage is really something.

My second favorite part is when KARAKURI came to stage. After the 777☆SISTERS introduction when they were going to bring the next song , a sudden ‘session break’ came from KARAKURI! And also I really love it when Akina tried to adjust her voice to Karakuri sisters voice, seems like it’s kinda hard to speak using Karakuri sisters voice.

There is one more favorite part, and that is when Seventh Sisters did their introduction. Their costume is really good and cute!

And for my most disappointing part comes from 4U. Why? Well, their songs is good, unfortunately I don’t really like it when they come to stage. As far as I know 4U is a band in the game, but on stage they were not playing the instrument at all. It will be better if they were playing their insrument!

There is still more of my favorite part, but I can’t just write it all in here. I heard that they will bring The Queen of Purple (t7s newest unit, a band) to their 3rd anniversary live. I hope that they will really play their instrument, not just an act like 4U.

Looks cute

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