Idol Game’s Live Event

Recently I watched “Tokyo 7th Sisters Second Live – into the 2nd gear” BDRip, and the live concert is really amazing. Frankly speaking, I didn’t get this feeling after watching their first live. Their first live (First anniversary live) just looks like a mini event or mini live concert, nothing special. But their 2nd live is different. This time their 2nd live was more “live” than their 1st live, bigger event venue, and got more audience!

I’ve played the game (t7s) and I didn’t see something special with it, just the “same” like another “idol rhythm” game. I played it for about 4 months and got bored. I thought this game will not get a lot of fans because it is just a typical “idol rhythm” game, this game will never beat iM@S CG, or maybe LL SIF. But I changed my thought after watching their 2nd live, this is not about interesting gameplay or story, but how they advertise the game using famous seiyuu and good songs.

Well this is my opinion, not the reality of the game industry (maybe) and it only applied for the live event (imo). Using famous seiyuu and good songs not only attract a gamer to play the game, but also every fan of the seiyuu to try the game, and come to the live event to see their favorite seiyuu singing on the stage! I really hope this is just my thought not the real reality of the “idol rhythm game” industry.

Anyway, there will be a 3rd anniversary live of t7s at 22 – 23 April 2017. I hope there will be more surprise at this live event, more Minase Inori, and more Fuchigami Mai on stage.



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