First impression of Anime


Everything we do at the first time we see something is based on our impression. Impression is everything, and sometimes, our impression of something is “wrong”. I’ve read a book about our impression of something. We can train our impression of something based on our experience to similar thing we have seen in our live, and this can be applied to everything.

I’m an anime addict. I always watch anime whenever, wherever. Every time there is a new season of anime, or every time new anime will air, I always looking for information about them. First thing I will always do is looking at the key visual of the anime. If the anime have a good key visual, I will consider to include it to my “Going to watch” list or “Take a peek” list. And this is where my first impression of anime is used. By looking at the key visual, I already know which anime I will add to my list, and after that I will try to read their summary and watch the trailer.

Some anime is based on manga or light novel. Although the manga or novel is good, if the key visual fail to give me a good impression, I will not include it to my watch list. For example, “Youjo Senki” anime is airing for this season. The truth is, I really want to watch it, but the key visual doesn’t give me a good impression. I already read some chapter of the manga and looked at the novel visual. There is only one word appear when I saw the anime key visual, “bad”, although the story is really good.

That’s only my opinion on something, leave a comment  about your first impression on anything!


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